Kailla created a gorgeous composition, incorporating a balanced interplay of texture and color — it was a reflection of the flowers that held special meanings to me.  Amanda, summer bride

Artistic, Garden Inspired, Botanically Driven

Photo by Love Lit Wedding Photography

Photo by Love Lit Wedding Photography

With a gardener's heart, and an artist's eye.

I have loved flowers all my life. As a child the high desert wildflowers taught me to look and notice, however fleeting or subtle the seasonal gift might be. I remember the first glimpse each summer of the slender stemmed and elusive Mariposa lily, rising pale purple from the sandy soil. And just once, a white one, my step mom found the morning she and my dad were married.

In the lush green of the Willamette Valley I fell further under the floral spell.  My grandmother Jane K. Platt filled my young heart with a love of gardens, plants and flowers.  She would generously send me out into her amazing garden with a basket and clippers, telling me I could pick anywhere.  Then, as we selected flower-frogs and filled vases, she would tell me the names and the stories of all these beautiful flowers.  Her garden was a fairy land to me as a child and it continues to inspire me and influence my work today.

I first expressed this passion professionally through garden design.  After receiving degrees in fine art and landscape architecture, I designed gardens for ten years; all the while keeping a hand in growing and arranging flowers. KAILLA PLATT flowers is my opportunity to express and share the way I see flowers -- with a gardener's heart and an artist's eye.